An oil mill in Scicli, Ragusa

A company (in all senses) that has its roots upon time.

Deep roots, such as those of one of the trees of this area

He was grandfather Bartolo - in 1946 - to begin to devote himself to the pressing of the olives.

A pure olive oil, genuine and healthy. Just like the one produced today

Since then many things have changed, but not traditional working methods. Methods passed down from generation to generation that today - along with technologies - enable it to produce a Sicilian extra virgin olive oil who obtained awards and quality marks

And then one more strength (and what a strength!): a company run by three sisters' ideas and by the strength and the excitement of the new generation, that of his grandfather Bartolo grandchildren

This is the Fidone oil mill , this is the idea of ​​a strongly supported and sustained enterprise. It's a story behind a great olive oil ready to go directly into the kitchen of your home to bring a bit of Sicily into your favorite courses